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What is the Tennessee Brewer of the Year?
The Tennessee Brewer of the Year consists of 2 annual separate awards and titles:
  1. TBOTY Homebrewer of the Year
  2. TBOTY Homebrew Club of the Year
Tennessee Brewer of the Year Rules
  1. ALL BREWERS MUST RESIDE IN THE STATE OF TENNESSEE TO BE ELIGIBLE.  Exception will be given to those individuals who live in another state, but are dues paying members of a Tennessee Club.
  2. All brewers who list club affiliation must be members in good standing of the homebrew club they are entering under. This is generally defined as being a dues paying member on the date the contest was held. Where a club has no paid membership dues, it is expect that they regularly participate in the respective clubs organized activities.
  3. Points earned towards Club of the Year and Homebrewer of the Year are calculated as follows: 5 points for a 1st place, 3 points for a 2nd place, and 1 point for a 3rd place finish.
    • Honorable Mention (HM) doesn’t count.  It is an 'honorable' 'mention.'  As in 'they said your name.  Honorably.'  If you track down Brandon Jones, he will give you a high five for it.
  4. The Homebrew Club of the Year title shall be awarded to the club with the highest total points accumulated during all eligible contests held during the calendar year.
  5. The Homebrewer of the Year title shall be awarded to the individual or group of individuals (see rule #5) with the highest total points accumulated during all eligible contests held during the calendar year.
  6. Multiple brewers: where there are more that one persons involved in making the beer all names must be listed on the entry form. Where multiple names are listed this combination of names figures into the series as a separate individual. For example, John Smith/Jane Doe will be considered as an individual brewer and points will be calculated accordingly.
  7. Eligible contests: List of eligible contests can be changed by a vote.
    • Any club that hosted an eligible competition that wishes to change the list of eligible competitions may publicly call for a vote to change the list for the next year by contacting all voting clubs.
    • A call for a vote shall be conducted anonymously by contacting the individual(s) responsible for point tabulations.
    • A separate vote for each change (add a contest, delete a contest) will be conducted.
    • Each club that hosted one or more eligible competitions shall receive one vote in addition to main vote.
  8. Each eligible contest shall be responsible for making all of the following information available to the person(s) responsible for calculating points.
    • All awards listed with place awarded, brewer(s), club affiliation (if any), and judging score (using 50 point BJCP/AHA scale).
    • Results are tabulated from official contest results. For individual disputes, contact the contest organizer.

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